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Expert Level Consultants for Oil and Gas Companies 

We are looking for skilled geologists, engineers, and seasoned oil and gas experts to join our consulting model. 

Land and Leasing 

With over 50 courthouses in Texas, West Virginia, New Mexico, and Georgia,  Kimberly Smith has an expertise in land and leasing.   To extend leases, check depths and zones, or create an inventory for your oil and gas estate.  Kimberly is a Registered Petroleum Landmanager and interacts with industry associations and professionals on a weekly basis.  She has personally transacted over $4 million of oil and gas trades.   In addition, she has created the inventories for succession planning for estates valued at over $40 million. 

Join as consultant 

Are your skills valuable to oil and gas operations?   Skilled and seasoned consultants who understand the risk and rewards of oil and gas are welcome to begin dialogue with our team. 

Data Science experts?