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Welcome to TalkTexasOil Media Group 

" The Closer you are the wellhead, the more authentic the story."

  • TalkTexasOil believes that the closer to exploration, the more authentic the story.        
  • Isn't it interesting to see news outlets from London, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, Beirut  discuss Texas Oil and Gas without having authentic knowledge about the exploration or production. 
  •  Our news reflects authentic grass roots information from the perspective of exploration teams, landmanagers, engineers, geologists. Our SME have a deep knowledge of the industry as it begins with exploration and then moves through midstream then downstream. The oil and gas story is a deep and interesting story. 

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Our staff is committed to promoting the visions and values of your organization. We will deliver a service that meets your expectations and provides a professional image to your customers.

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We create relevant social media networks for your event or campaign. These will be attractive, reliable and engaging to your clients; distinguishing you as an authority with identifiable branding that runs seamlessly across multiple social platforms.


Each collaboration brings awareness, motivation and engagement. You can rest assured and rely on our openness and knowledge but also the level of focus and accountability we bring to each effort so you can focus on the business at hand.