Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies 

through digital media and consulting expertise.


Consulting Services 

Our team includes expertise in multiple disciplines including government relations, land, oil and gas minerals, working interest, conference and event planning, regulatory and compliance, business and proposal development, social media,  and investing in oil and gas properties.      


Our staff is committed to promoting the visions and values of your organization. We will deliver a service that meets your expectations and provides a professional image to your customers.

70 - Authority (Outline)


We create relevant social media networks for your event or campaign. These will be attractive, reliable and engaging to your clients; distinguishing you as an authority with identifiable branding that runs seamlessly across multiple social platforms.


Each collaboration brings awareness, motivation and engagement. You can rest assured and rely on our openness and knowledge but also the level of focus and accountability we bring to each effort so you can focus on the business at hand.


The culture of a Texas Oil and Gas 

  • While we discuss #Texas #OilandGas on our social media feed, we include our colleagues in the midcon, and global oil and gas players in our conversation.   Common trends unite us in the industry. 
  • Our community may find a #cincodeymayo celebration or a shout out for political leaders, country music star, or Texas celebrities.   Our social media message often reflects the lifestyle of a Texan! 
  • Our values include support for #womeninenergy, #westtexas #eagleford, independent operators, leaders, workforce.   


 Our campaigns have included

 the promotion of the following brands and personalities.   Many of these professionals we have promoted because we like their voice in the Fossil Fuel Message.

Some celebrities have been related to conferences and expos. 


Akram Ahmad

Beachwood Marketing

Breaking Gas Ceiling


CSI Recruiting

P2 Energy Solutions

Rob Ratchinsky

Rose and Associates


Straub Corporation

The Crude Life


 Data Gumbo


Dr. Anas Alhaaji

Baker Institute- Center for Energy Studies

Bedrock Automation

Cedric Fraces

Darren Shelton

David Whitten

E3 Conference

Engage Mobilize


Guild One


International Association of Geophysical Contractors

James Graham

Matthew Hill

Moran Shipping

Oilfield Christian Fellowship

Oilman Connect

Rebecca Ponton

Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition

Petro Cubic

PPDM Houston Expo 2020

Saudi Aramco


Society of Professional Engineer, Gulf Coast

State Completion


Texas Christian University Center for Energy Management

Texas Energy Day

Universal Pegasus International